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Rhythm from the Soul

Anders Rigg is a Scottish musician and dancer. He brings together elements of each to create dynamic work, whether in a workshop setting or on stage performing. 

Within his work with Leticia he provides the roots of the music, grounding their practice in the drums and production of his lead discipline. Body and mind connected directly to her rhythm and movements.


Azulon, the solo project of Anders, is the realisation of a lifetime of percussion, passion, music and dance. In a culture where the streams of music flow easily, intertwining and fusing together, he locked onto the rhythms of Afro-Latin culture and the story they tell. 

Long time member of Glasgow band Samson Sounds he has honed his connection to the groove and the positive message that music has to offer.  Combining percussion, vocals, ableton live and fresh collaborations, Azulon is music for the heart, body and mind.

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