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Movement Without End

I’m a Spanish multi-disciplined dancer trained in Spanish, Flamenco and Contemporary Dance based in Scotland. After my professional dance degree, I have done a MA in choreography techniques to develop my own work bringing together choreographer and performer roles. 

Based on using dance as a therapy, I channel the emotions releasing blocked energy and transforming it into art and communication in most of my dance creations. Using this method, I won the Young Creative Dance Award in 2016 with my solo project called “Locked”. Then, I performed this piece in Albania in the Biennial of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean 2017 representing Spain.
Here you can find more about this:
"Locked" - Leticia Cabezudo Sánchez

I’ve been working in Scotland since 2017, touring around the UK, dancing, singing and storytelling between the two cultures, Spanish and Scottish. I have toured across Europe too with multiple Spanish dance companies and now, I use this experience to be a central point of communication, translating words and feelings from different cultures into my body.

I'm interested in theatre, music and photography and I am always exploring further.  Within my work I'm using electronic music to change the expression of tradition and find another quality of movement that could represent this music.

Currently, I am not teaching regular classes but I am available for private classes. Please contact me by email at

For more updated information about classes, workshops and performances, please check Leticia Sanchez Art

Recently I’ve been published in Glasgow Live (January 2021)


"Leticia is electrifying as a Spanish flamenco force, her rhythm and body contortions filled with passion and power and symbolising a real love for her work"

Aisling McGuire

"Full of Spanish flair and passion, she demands to be watched. She's a gem on the mic too."

David Mead

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