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Where you can find studio classes:



Information about private classes

These classes are designed to improve your level of dancing with a personalised approach or learning a new dance style without the pressure of being in a group. 

Here is some feedback about my private classes:


"I loved your private class. It felt almost like a life lesson, you were reflecting my own assets and points to improve in a gentle and clear way. You made me see once again that life is a dance, isn’t it? You showed me how important it is to stay true to myself in my movements. And I loved that you also provided insights in how the body works."

If you would like to book a private class with me, please contact me on

Information about the group classes

These classes are designed to increase your rhythmical creation and explore your upper body through flamenco shapes, movement and power! They have been created for the understanding of rhythm in the whole body coming from different art disciplines and experiences.

In these classes, we will work on:

- Arms and body shapes

- Footwork

- Coordination exercises

- Musicality

- Expression 

- Choreography

I will be happy to receive videos of your practice and I will give you feedback before the next class too!


Wee video of Leticia's classes:

For more information please contact:

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