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Sanchez & Rigg Present

Project unspoken

Blurring the lines between Musician and Dancer.

Project Unspoken explores the language of music & dance, opening up the age-old, primal connection that exists between these forms of expression. The lines between Musician and Dancer become blurred as the audience is invited on a journey with the artists.


Weaving energies together, the connection between art disciplines, cultures, and non-verbal and verbal language, creates a new story to tell. Working with an ever-evolving international cast, Leticia Sanchez & Anders Rigg create a melting pot of classical and contemporary artforms, with influences including Spanish Flamenco, percussion, electronica, Celtic and Afro-Cuban dance.

Through 2023, Project Unspoken was developed into a touring performance with support from Creative Scotland and partner organisations. Plans are in motion for a Scotland tour in 2024 with community workshops in the Spring and a live stage tour in Autumn/Winter.


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Phase 1: In the Studio (2021)

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Exchange, process and decisions...

The studio is the beginning and heart of the process, providing a stage for the creative energies to be let loose.

Hours of talking and days of playing, moving and discovering.  Each step bringing us closer to the goal of sharing and developing our new language for creation and performance.

Phase 2: Collaborations (2022)

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Combining music and dance, Unspoken finds different ways of communication between art disciplines. 

We had special guest artists Rachel Newton (Scottish musician) and Yadira Rodriguez (Spanish dancer) in the studio with us creating really different pieces using our methodology.

Phase 3: Evolving Influences (2023)

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With the support of the Creative Scotland Open Fund, we invite more international guest artists and into our process with the intention of developing Project Unspoken into a live performance with the help of a production team.

In our workshops we share our methodology for connecting music and dance with dozens more artists.


Sharing our methodology for connecting the languages of music and dance.

In the Project Unspoken workshop we share the methodology we have developed for creating music and dance; in the same space, at the same time.

Involving anywhere between 4 and 20 participants - ideally from a background in music, dance or both - we create an open space where participants can create and exchange ideas with instruments, props, prompts and play. Workshops are a minimum of 3 hours long, but can extend to a full day or multiple days depending on how in-depth an organisation or participants would like to go.

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Those with a background in an artform such as music, dance, theatre or spoken word will get the most from the Project Unspoken workshop, but it is open to all levels of experience. We encourage participants from all cultural backgrounds to take part. The workshop aims to reflect the project, with as even a mix of music and dance as possible.

More dates to be announced for 2024. Join our mailing list to be the first to know.


Leticia Sanchez (Spain)

Director & Performer

 Spanish Traditional, Flamenco & Contemporary dancer with a passion for making music & singing



Directed by

Leticia Sanchez & Anders Rigg

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 12_edited.jpg

Anders Rigg (Scotland)

Director & Performer

Scottish music producer, vocalist and percussionist with a passion for movement.


Yainer Carbonell_mclellanphotography.jpg

Yainer Carbonell (Cuba)


Afro-cuban & ballet dancer with lots of flare.


fay guiffo_edited_edited.jpg

Fay Guiffo (France)


Classical violinist and mover with a penchant for free improvisation and orchestral work.


Constant Vigier (France)


Classically trained ballet dancer, choreographer and film maker.



Magdalena Mannion (England)


Works with both traditional and contemporary forms of Flamenco between London and Spain.



Ollie Rigg (Scotland)

Multi-instrumentalist specialising in Scottish Highland instruments.


Lucia Lopez


Spanish Trad & Flamenco Dancer, percussionist & singer.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 11.45_edited.jpg

Rachel Newton (Scotland)


Acoustic and Electronic Harp combined with Gaelic singing, bringing a blend of tradition and innovation.


Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 15_edited_edited.jpg

Yadira Rodriguez (Spain)


Contemporary Dancer & Singer.


Russell Coordinator_Vince Graham_Beltane 2022_edited.jpg

Russell McMahon (Scotland)


Event producer within the Creative Arts in Scotland supporting cultural and community projects.


Production Team

JoAnna Mendl Shaw (USA)


Choreographer and teacher whose work stretches the boundaries of traditional dance. 


Brian Hartley (Scotland)

Videographer & Photographer

Brians multidisciplined background gives him the perfect eye to capture video and photography while we are working. 


Wendy Niblock (Scotland)

Marketing & Press

Brings a vast knowledge of the performing arts.

Alex Rigg (Scotland)

Costume Designer

Craftsman of elaborate costuming.

"The artist should try to find a truth for the context of their work that takes it beyond contemporary issues and into some other reality."


Stevie Cossar (Scotland)

Sound Engineer

Stevie works with sound across Live Events, Studio Tracking, Mixing and Mastering. He is fascinated by music and sound as a way to transport or to pull the audience into an emotional, immersive storytelling experience.



With special thanks to additional support from:

The Work Room


The Catstrand


Birkhill Studio

Studio Ile Ache

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