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Project Unspoken by Sanchez & Rigg

“Working in this project has been one of the most enriching experiences I have had both personally and professionally: entering dance from a place of quality, depth, full of content and meaning, and reaching maximum productivity. All of this, in a kind way, with respect towards my own body and Being, and even in a magical way. A path that I had never travelled before, and that will remain in my heart forever.”

Yadira Rodriguez - Guest Artist

“Between the two films, I felt you covered a great deal of affecting terrain. Breathtaking moments of convergence - dance/music/visuals - during which I lost all sense of where one element ended and another began. Personally speaking, I often consider this an ultimate aim when it comes to performance. The other thing that struck me was what I felt to be the emotional authenticity of each piece - a sense of real commitment from everyone involved.” 

Luke Sutherland

“I loved both pieces. They were filled with depth, collaboration and emotion. It is clear to see that the project gives a deeper, more meaningful making process, and this is reflected in the art.” 

Katharine Williams

“I loved the sense of mutual respect and curiosity of each other's practice between all the performers' pieces. The interactions seemed built on trust and generosity, a very exciting project with many layers to peel through.” 

Sarah Johnston

“Both pieces were incredible, my mind was blown by the synergy of movement, sound, the space and flow was just beautiful to watch. You could really feel the passion, love, joy and connectedness of all involved, really well done guys. Can't wait to see what's next.” 


“Incredibly beautiful, powerful and enjoyable to experience.” 

Jane Churchill

“Beautiful, magical and powerful. captivating to watch with great partner interaction. Really enjoyed both pieces.” 

George Ikamba

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Flamenco with Leticia Sánchez

"Leticia's lessons are the best thing that Covid-19 has given to me, I never expected to take Flamenco lessons with such a great Spanish teacher from Scotland while sitting in a small town in Germany. I'm looking forward to every Monday, the lessons are a great deal of positive energy and joy of movement and rhythm. I love the choreography we did, I didn't expect that I'd feel like really dancing Flamenco after one month! It's amazing. Leticia is such a lovely person and great teacher, just spending time with her will always make my day better"

Lenka Zavadilová

"I have really loved Leti's classes. She is a very generous and relaxed teacher, who wants all her students to do well. Through her bodywork and footwork exercises I have found great improvement in my strength, balance, coordination, and footwork technique. I've loved learning her fusion flamenco choreographies too. I would highly recommend Leti's classes to anyone at any level of flamenco!"

Leanne Foxwell

"Stepping into a Flamenco class with Leticia is like discovering a corner of Spain in the centre of Glasgow. Leticia brings Flamenco alive and her passion, energy and emotion is expressed in every step. Not only does Leticia teach the choreography, she teaches how to dance and how to feel in the moment. This is what makes Leticia's classes so special and leaves you feeling empowered, confident and inspired. A truly beautiful dancer who embodies the true heart and spirit of flamenco"

Hazel Darrag

"The classes have really helped me through this last part of lockdown and you have been positive and motivational for this really challenging time! It's quite amazing that I managed to do any of it at all to be honest as I've never done a dance class of any kind and my co-ordination is terrible so it is testament to your excellent teaching skills"

Joanna Butler

"Leticia shows her advanced, professional dance skills and exceptional talent, both as a performer and a teacher.

Her choreography is truly innovative and her teaching is structured with both attention to detail and supportive fun.

All ages and levels of experience have much to enjoy and gain in sharing "Leticia's Duende"  ( Spanish / Celtic magic)"


"Your flamenco teaching classes on Zoom are very well thought out and clearly explained . Even if I wasn’t learning anything it would still be a joy to watch you dancing for the time. Of course we can’t remember everything especially when it is a new style, so the video of the lesson you send is a great help. I like imagining I am dancing like you . Ja ja! I love the acting and posturing .That is the fun. Its great upper body exercise which otherwise I would not be doing"

May Diver

"First and foremost, I think you are doing a very good job indeed teaching us online - I don’t think it can be all that easy! I think you have shown us immense patience in your teaching and are always very cheerful in your approach which certainly helps the learner.  You have made the steps very clear and your teaching videos explain everything extremely well - it is up to us to then practice!  I also think that you have explained the different rhythms well too, pointing out where the emphases go"

Anonymous student from Dundee

Creation, Performance and Teaching


If you have seen our work, please feel free to write us a review!

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